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Park Ave Has Its Own App!

Campus amenities in the palm of your hand!

Please proceed on your mobile phone. This process works best if completed entirely on your mobile phone. Must use a work email when prompted as only Park Avenue tenants are permitted to download the app. Please scroll down to see what the app should look like when you've successfully downloaded and linked to the Park Avenue campus.


Any questions or tech issues please contact

video summary

With the app, you'll be able to:

  • View & RSVP to Campus Events

  • Book Conference Rooms

  • Browse All Onsite Services & Amenities

  • Enjoy daily live virtual and on-demand classes from our programming partner BetterSpaces

  • And so much more!

Steps to download


Works best to complete this process entirely on your mobile phone.

The download process is simple:

  • Navigate to this Webpage on your mobile phone

  • Select the appropriate app store icon above and download*

  • Provide your work email, when prompted (your work URL is used to identify you as a campus member)

  • A verification code will be sent to your work email

  • Retrieve and enter your 6-digit verification code

  • Start exploring!

  • Need help? Contact


This is what you should see if you have successfully completed your download. Please note that "Park Avenue" appears in the upper left of your home screen. Otherwise, you will not see any of our campus-specific data like events and room bookings. This is what your app home screen should look like:


This is a FREE virtual building concierge and well-being app available exclusively to all Park Avenue tenants and their employees. Please share with your co-workers and colleagues on campus! If you have any trouble accessing or downloading the new app, please get in touch.*You must be an employee within Park Avenue Morris County | Florham Park/Opal Holdings Properties tenant, as verified by your domain name in your work email address to download.

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